neetTV Launch


Knowsley Enterprise Academy’s neetTV project was launched in 2010  to tackle issues relating to youngsters who are NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training) or who are at risk of becoming NEET.  The project aims to motivate and equip young people with skills to enhance their future employability prospects.

Through a range of media based activities, 119 young people engaged in the first neetTV project and learned about the importance of Health and Safety in the workplace, time management skills, teamwork skills, communication skills, presentation skills and problem solving skills.

They also learned about different camera angles and their effects, lighting techniques, sound recording, video recording, interview skills, and editing media footage.  Learners achieved OCN (Open College Network) Credits in Developing Group and Teamwork Communication Skills.

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“It was loads of fun and better than school.”

“I have learned how to cooperate more with team mates.”

“I have learned about starting a business and what to look for in an employee.”

Preparation for Work Business and Enterprise Programme feedback.